24 May 2013

One happy momma...

"use me erica, use me!" said the pile of loveliness.

Hello there!  It's a lovely day today.  The morning was dreary but now it's sunny and cool.  I prefer this sort of day.  The dreary morning makes me appreciate the sun.  And it keeps it a bit cooler...not to say that it's been particularly warm yet.  Unfortunately we have some butterflies we need to release, but this week has been in the 50's (yet last week it was in the 70-80's) and it's too chilly for them.

isn't he funky looking?  It was hard to get a good pic through the mesh.

Mother's day is well past, but I must show you the lovely surprise jj brought home for me!  An iPad!

I was so happy!  And a pink case even! Needless to say I bought Mollie Makes straight away.  I love the real thing, but at less than half the price...well, you can't beat that!  I may buy the real thing once in a while if I really want the little gift.

I also got the Home issue.  I'd passed it up at the store because of the price, but digitally I could justify it.

wow, this pic is really out of focus...

One thing I just had to buy the real thing for was Flow's second paper issue.  It has a bunting!  I adore buntings.  Love, love, love....LOVE!


It looks rather lovely on my relatively-unadorned wall, don't you think?

I wanted to show you these sequins I bought.  Aren't they pretty?  I have no idea what I'll use them for though.  I bought them from Studio Calico, so they were intended for card making or scrapbooking, but I feel like I should make something that showcases them.  Hmm...

Well, I hope we all have a lovely weekend.  Monday is a holiday for the US, so that's something to look forward to.  Suddenly I have a craving for grilled food...  :D


Cathy said...

Gorgeous post Erica, and great pink ipad! Love the bunting and the butterfly! xo

Anonymous said...

Love the bunting! And those sequins - they're like little sweeties, such beautiful colours! Whatever you make with them they've just got to be on a white background to show them off properly. x

Caroline South said...

I love that bunting, it looks great. Pretty sequins too. x